Thanks for viewing my “About” page which of course is referring to me. As I’m sure you’ve noticed already, my name is Robert G Halcomb. The “G” stands for Gorden and to this day my mother (my dad is deceased) has no explanation for the spelling as my dad’s middle name was in fact Gordon.

After graduating from Arkansas State University I had a 25 year career with 1 company (IBM) ; I’ve had more than 25 jobs since from Y2K Programmer Analyst to various sales jobs of which I was mediocre at best. I’m proud to be a Vietnam era veteran and really appreciate businesses like Home Depot & Lowe’s giving me 10% discounts on all my purchases.

Having worked as a Programmer Analyst on large mainframe computers at IBM, it was an easy and exciting transition to personal computers. I purchased my 1st personal computer thru the IBM payroll deduction plan and never looked back. And of course, personal computing just exploded when the Internet came along.

I’m so appreciative to Charley Page for really being the 1st Internet guru to introduce me to blogging. His training and hands on participation has made my own blogging site possible. And it no ordinary plane jane blogging site like so many are as you can clearly see. Blogging is fun and profitable when you provide value to your readers.

I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex with my wife and both my daughters live within 1 hour of me. My daughters have also given me 5 grandchildren whom I adore.

I appreciate your time reading this and look forward to providing value to you and yours in my Posts and to reading your comments.