Thanksgiving & Prayer


Notes from Sunday’s Lesson (9/08/19)

Book of Ephesians 1:15-23

The main thought of these verses in Ephesians is concerning thanksgiving & prayer. We should always have a spirit of thanksgiving for what all God has given us and all He means to us. Prayer always for help and thanksgiving, not just when you’re in a bind.

For This Reason

A Reputation – Eph 1:15

Does your church have a great reputation in your community? It should. Neighbors should know that you’re a loving congregation willing to help and volunteer not just in the community, but also in the school system.

Ceaseless – Eph 1:16

Always be in prayer for others. Again this should include prayers for needs as well as prayers of thanksgiving.

Spirit of Wisdom – Eph 1:17

God has blessed us with a spirit of wisdom for which we should be thankful and not be afraid to ask for wisdom that would apply to a particular situation we may find ourselves in.

The Eyes of Your Heart Enlightened

The Hope We Are Called To – Eph 1:18

The riches of His glorious inheritance.

Immeasurable Greatness – Eph 1:19

The greatness of God.

Christ Raised from The Dead – Eph 1:20-21

Christ won a victory over death and as a result, we too can have victory over death in Christ Jesus.

All Things Under Christ

The Church – Eph 1:22-23

We have decided to be “a community” together. We, the people that meet together to worship God, are the church. We are not going to church; we are going to worship God in a building which is also not the church.

Christ’s Body – Eph 1:23

Christ’s body is the church. We are the body of Christ as the church that meets together every Sunday.

The Fullness of Christ – Eph 1:23

The fullness of Christ is sufficient to fill us all.

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